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Mention Promo Code for Website Pricing: 26881

Liposomal NMN+

Elevate Your NAD+ Levels and Begin to Feel Younger in Only 14 Days

The Modern Approach to
Optimizing Your Longevity

The modern study of longevity isn’t merely about extending your years.

It’s also about rejuvenating your spirit.

And what’s truly thrilling from recent studies is:

You can begin experiencing a youthful zest today!

Can NAD+ Truly Turn Back Time for Your Body?

Boosting NAD+ levels have been shown to extend lifespan…”


DNA damage… brought about by aging… can be evaded by enhancing NAD+ count in the body”

Numerous studies have demonstrated that boosting NAD+ levels extends lifespan”


You might have come across the recent revelations about NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). It’s believed to have the capacity to not only lengthen life but potentially “rewind” one’s biological clock. Remarkably, a pivotal study involving mice revealed that enhancing NAD+ levels extended their lifespans by an impressive 30%!

NAD+, in a biological context, is among the most prevalent molecules within our physiological system. In recent times, top longevity specialists and global researchers have identified NAD+ as a potent molecule against aging.

In essence, NAD+ plays a role in moderating over 400 biological processes within us. It’s crucial for the health and vitality of all 37.2 trillion cells in our body.

The pinnacle of excitement?

Emerging studies suggest that by amplifying your NAD+ levels, you could “revitalize” your mitochondria (known as the “energy factories” of EVERY cell), which could be the secret to rejuvenation and extended life!

Now You Can Enhance the
Levels of NAD+ in Your Body

A 2020 piece in Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal highlighted that by middle age, our NAD+ levels drop to half of what they were in our youth. This reduction in NAD+ results in mitochondrial deterioration, which researchers think is a primary cause of aging.

“By middle age, levels of NAD+ drop to half”


The good thing is, there are measures you can take to elevate your levels of NAD+.

Consider this:

Studies indicate that intermittent fasting, adopting a diet consisting of low-calories, and doing brief, high-intensity exercises can potentially enhance the levels of NAD+. Still, even with these efforts, it’s widely accepted that the NAD+ levels may continue to decrease.

So, what’s the solution?

Don’t despair; there’s still a way forward.

Emerging studies underscore the potential of NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) in potentially raising NAD+ levels. Incredibly, a foremost authority in the field thinks that NMN has the potential to bring your NAD+ to the levels of your youth!

Fights Aging On A Cellular Level

Liposomal NMN+ Aids in Restoring NAD+ to Your Youthful Levels

NMN… can slow down [aging] by elevating NAD+ levels in the body.”


[NMN] can rapidly increase the cellular NAD+ concentration.”


NMN proved to be effective in… reversing mitochondrial dysfunction associated with aging”


The claims surrounding NMN sound like sci-fi.
Yet, the outcomes are indisputable

NMN has been researched in cell cultures, lab mice, and even in human trials without any negative side effects.

The astounding findings indicate that NMN can assist in:

In essence, incorporating NMN supplements has demonstrated notable health improvements. Individuals on NMN have noted enhanced physical stamina, sharper memory, and improved sleep quality, to name a few. The revitalized health permeating both MIND and BODY is why many label NMN as “life-changing”.

Elevated NAD+ levels are also vital for DNA restoration, gene expression, and cellular wellbeing—factors immensely important for maximizing longevity.

So... Why Isn't NMN
Beneficial to All?


Given the recent compelling data about NMN, it’s unsurprising that NMN products are flooding the market. A search on Google reveals numerous choices.

But are they all effective?

Unfortunately, a few people who experiment with NMN observe little to no advantages. The question is, why?

There are three key reasons why not all NMN products are effective for everyone.

And it’s unrelated to your genes, age, or gender.

#1 Reason NMN Might Not Deliver Results: Counterfeit NMN

Be cautious of counterfeit NMN products.

Indeed, there are unscrupulous sellers online pushing imitation NMN.

Recommendation: Before buying any NMN product, ask for a Certificate of Authenticity. This confirms whether the product genuinely contains NMN.

#2 Reason NMN Might Not Be Effective: Inadequate Absorption

Studies indicate that NMN isn’t efficiently absorbed by the body.

This significant factor can hinder individuals from reaping the remarkable anti-aging advantages of NMN.

Recommendation: Opt for NMN formulated with liposomal to enhance absorption.

#3 Reason NMN Might Not Deliver Results: Incorrect Dosage

For your body to witness the anti-aging effects, it requires an appropriate dose of NMN.

Given that NMN isn’t efficiently absorbed, a considerably high dose might be necessary just to see even moderate benefits.

Plus, consistently taking a high dose of NMN can be exorbitantly expensive – a cost that’s prohibitive for many.

Recommendation: Opt for an NMN product that has a dosage backed by clinical research.

Liposomal NMN+ Offers a Secure &
Potent Solution for Enhancing NAD+

FACT: While there’s an abundance of NMN products out there, locating a genuinely authentic one is challenging. And discovering one that truly benefits you can seem like an uphill task.

This is where Liposomal NMN+ comes into play.

Our formulation offers you five compelling benefits, making the decision to try Liposomal NMN+ straightforward.


Benefit #1: 96% Pure NMN

Liposomal NMN+ is formulated with 96% pure β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide.

Prior to buying Liposomal NMN+, ask for a Certificate of Authenticity.

In essence: Liposomal NMN+ is genuine and authentic.

Benefit #2: Optimized Absorption

Research indicates that NMN isn’t effectively absorbed by our bodies. This is because gastric acids tend to break down NMN, leading many to miss out on its remarkable anti-aging effects with certain products.

At Genuine Purity™, leveraging over two decades of pioneering work in the natural anti-aging arena, we addressed this challenge. We enhanced the formula by introducing Liposomal to β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN). Liposomal acts as an advanced delivery system, proven to heighten bioavailability. Essentially, it bolsters the absorption of ingredients like NMN into your body. A straightforward way to envision this is to see Liposomal as an “Uber” that takes NMN straight into your system, ensuring peak efficacy.


Benefit #3: Dose Backed by Clinical Research

Every serving of Liposomal NMN+ delivers 250mg of 96% pure β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide. This specific quantity has undergone clinical scrutiny and has demonstrated its capacity to elevate NAD+ levels. It ensures that you receive a reliable and potent dose of NMN to enhance your NAD+ concentrations, reinvigorating that youthful feeling.

Moreover, it’s vital to note that each clinically evaluated dose of NMN is enhanced with Liposomal, optimizing its delivery. This means you can tap into even more pronounced age-defying advantages.

Benefit #4: Created By Genuine Purity™

With Genuine Purity™, concerns about being misled by unreliable sources are non-existent. In an industry where fleeting supplement companies emerge rapidly, only to vanish just as quickly, Genuine Purity™ has steadfastly spearheaded the natural anti-aging segment for over two decades.

Our credibility has weathered years, solidifying our position as one of the most dependable natural anti-aging supplement brands globally. Our innovative and groundbreaking natural health solutions over the years have fostered a loyal customer base that keeps returning.

Always at the forefront of pioneering life-enhancing discoveries, Genuine Purity™ ensures that its Liposomal NMN+ stands true to this legacy.

Benefit #5: Money-Back Guarantee

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is,” and that’s exactly the principle behind our clear-cut, 100% customer satisfaction promise.

Experience Liposomal NMN+ without any risk, backed by our industry-leading promise. You get a FULL 67 days to place an order, try the product, and determine its suitability. If for whatever reason, it doesn’t meet your expectations, just send back the bottles and receive a full refund of the product price, excluding shipping. Swiftly. No hassles. No questions.

Does that arrangement sit well with you? Perfect! Dive into our advanced NAD+ amplifying formula today, completely risk-free.

Fights Aging On A Cellular Level